About ME 

Hello my friends !​

My name is Stephanie and I am a positive and happy person who is in love with all things beautiful and creative.  I am an open transgender person who enjoys nothing more than stepping out into the world as the woman I aspire to be.

My key passions are make-up, fashion, cosplay and big themed photoshoots. You will see examples of all these things on this page. I am also a lover of cats, good food, better company and enjoying life to the full.

I frequently receive many questions from girls like me about this life, creative ideas and requests for support. In response I have created this site in the hope that I may inspire you through my blog and images of life as a transgender woman. For those seeking support then please contact myself via the Contact page.

So please enjoy my site and I would welcome any constructive feedback you may have. Take care out there whoever you are,


 Stephanie xx