About ME 

Hello my friends !​

My name is Stephanie and I am a positive and happy person who is in love with all things beautiful and creative.  I am an open transgender person who enjoys nothing more than stepping out into the world as the woman I aspire to be. It is my hope that through my blog, images and services on offer that I may inspire and support you.

The main purpose of my site is to present myself as I am today. I frequently receive requests via social media to see more pictures and tell people more about myself and my many adventures. So I will present more pictures here and write down some thoughts that I hope may be of interest to others.

In recent years I have developed an interest for large scale high-end themed photo shoots, either shooting on my own or with other models. If you are interested in getting together for such a shoot, or need help with your own project, then please get in touch.

Over many years of dressing I have collected a number of dear friends and knowledge of various resources. I hope to share contacts and useful links with you as this site develops.

So please enjoy my site and I would welcome any constructive feedback you may have. Take care out there whoever you are,

                            Stephanie xx