Anna is a beautiful transgender woman and kind soul who loves to explore all the wonders of life and nature. She values kindess and honesty and loves to help other people. Using her pictures as a tool for exploring her femininity she loves to delve into both the light & dark aspects of it, working to an incredibly high standard of presentation. Anna loves everything from the classical elegance of beautiful flowing gowns, playing the seductive femme fatale, right through to Cosplay where she plays the sexy fetish Goddess or sword wielding fantasy heroine. Please click on Anna's picture for information about this beautiful lady and the modelling and make-up services she kindly provides.
The wonderfully provocative Sarah Lewis is undoubtedly the queen of tgirl retro glam. In addition to being a lovely, kind soul she is also smarter than a room full of UCL Physicists. I have come to love Sarah's blogs about the trials and tribulations of being a tgirl as I have not encountered many other people who have written with more grit and honesty about the truth of our condition.  If you want to discover more about this little kitty then pop across to her blog, read-up, and enjoy the many lovely pictures of her wearing beautiful dresses in styles ranging from 1940s to current day. 
My sweet friend Tina is a mature and well travelled Aussie tgirl who simply revels in femininity. She has come out late in life but maintains a youthful personality and style which given her time again, would have certainly led to modelling which she adores; her pictures show her in an amazing array of different outfits. Tina is a talented musician and songwriter and a kind, empathetic and positive soul. Beyond that Tina is a fantastic ally in any situation and is a keen supporter of trans rights. Keep an eye out for her videos and maybe even the occasional (and very exclusive!) live performance. 



Boys Will Be Girls, London, United Kingdom

This wonderful service in central London is run by the talented and lovely Cindy Conti. Offering a wide range of services from makeovers, photo-shoots and escorted trips, this is a super service for girls new to the scene, dressers who require complete discretion, or for more experienced dressers who want made-up for going out partying on the town. I cannot recommend this service enough and it speaks volumes that so many of my featured pictures have been taken on the famous red couch.

Steffies Fave thing: Cindy is simply one of the nicest people you will ever meet and she provides a wonderful safe and intimate dressing experience that puts you on cloud 9 from start to finish


DafniGirls, Madrid and Valencia, Spain

This stylish service in Spain is the inspiration of super talented fashionista Dafni Coco, supported by lovely Sara. The original service is located in a beautiful part of central Madrid offering a beautiful studio, as well as the sunlit streets and sights as the perfect set for stylish pictures. The service has now also expanded to Valencia. Dafni provides a wide range of services from discrete sessions for those less experienced, to running large scale parties in Madrid for groups of her girls.

Steffies Fave thing: This service has a unique focus on the female experience in the company of Dafni and Sara, whilst being true to all the best aspects of Spanish culture, set in a simply wonderful, safe and relaxed location.


Wowman, Manchester, United Kingdom

Wowman is the inspiration of talented make-up artist Patti Basteon. This Manchester based service is dedicated to the delivery of high quality, fashion forward Male to Female transformations. This service is for those girls who want to look and feel like the girls in the Magazines. Wowman offers a full makeover service including a photographic session after which you receive fully edited digital images of yourself as your ultimate female icon. 

Steffies Fave thing: I have never visited the service but during lockdown started to follow Patricks superb online tutorials on Patreon. I am impressed with the human and honest approach to everything Patrick does, and the results are quite spectacular. Patrick is without a doubt a real talent and a lovely person in our community.