• Stephanie Ashton

Writing to Reach You

Travis, The Man Who, 1999

For some time, I have resisted writing a blog. I am not a talented writer nor do I want to make a big point or carry any red flag of revolution. Then there is the fact I have lived in Scandinavia for some time and have embraced the Janteloven so consequently, do not think I am either unique or any better than anyone else. So, given all of the above, what would I write about? Plus, in a world of short sharp messaging some may even argue that blogging is archaic. So why bother?

Well the answer goes something like this. I love to declutter my own mind through writing. And I wanted somewhere to store my thoughts. Whatever is bothering me I write down, review, reassess, refine and continue until I feel happy that I have reached a calm place of reasoning. Through this process I throw the rubbish out of my head, get clear on what is important, and make plans for always having fun, being happy and loved by everyone. Okay maybe not loved by everyone. But maybe my cat. Actually, I am not even very sure about him…he looks at me with such disdain when I feed him anything other than roast chicken.

So that is one reason. Then I thought to myself, am I so self-obsessed that I’ve written a blog to myself? My cat is most likely thinking why are you writing anything when you should be focusing on feeding me roast chicken. Humans, huh. Well thankfully I’m not as self-absorbed as my cat, as we will discover with reason number 2.

Questions, questions, questions. For any of us online who look even half decent as a woman we will continually receive questions from a wide spectrum of peeps. These questions range from lovely and inquisitive enquiries through to those of a less desirable nature. Let’s stay positive and skip past the questions from the latter group of ape descendants, who will no doubt be dealt with elsewhere, and instead focus on the questions from beautiful people.

I am friendly and positive person by nature so genuinely like to correspond with other nice people who are well mannered, fun, and decent people at heart. Naturally some of these people may still feel a bit confused about dressing and so seek support. It is one of my personal rules to help others when I can, so I liked to chat in detail with girls who were interested in my thoughts. The problem with this approach online is that I found myself endlessly writing the same things over and over to hundreds of different people. So, reason number 2 for this blog is to provide a one stop shop for all things Stephanie Ashton, for anyone even remotely interested. If no one ever reads it, I am really okay with it!

So, I wrote a reason, then another reason and that made 2 reasons. I was concerned that my number of reasons didn’t even form a shape, so I racked my brain for a third reason. With three reasons I could arrange them on a triangle on a PowerPoint slide which stupidly seems appealing. Cat meows and rolls eyes.

Within the LGBT group of men dressing or transitioning into women I get inspiration from friends, those aspiring to the same goals as myself, and those who have done bigger and more exciting ‘things’. Following this lead, I decided it would be nice to write a blog to hopefully give some inspiration and maybe confidence to others who, maybe for one reason or another, want to go further but are not able.

So, there we go, 3 reasons for writing. Good. But what will I write about?

To start with I plan to write my back story, fun times, things I’ve stuffed up, laughs at my own expense and occasionally some thoughts that might be useful to others. Being an air sign Gemini I try not to get too deep or negative about anything in life because it consumes too much energy and can drag you down. That said, some subjects I will write about may be darker than others, but such is life. I definitely will not discuss politics or religion and am experienced enough to know not to sit in judgement on anything or anyone. So, my blogs will basically be about “stuff I’ve done” or “stuff I plan to do.” I will try to avoid being pretentious or a show-off and please pull me up if you read either into my writing. I may write about my obsession with shoes and make-up but not products I use, or the application of make-up. There are genetic girls on YouTube who can talk to both much better than myself. Yes, that is you Tati my darling and all the amazing ladies on WoW make-up.

One final disclaimer...my views on life are my own based on my experience. With a flexible and open mind, I am open to new ideas but please understand that I am not writing to seek consensus. If you do not agree with my views that is absolutely fine, but I am still entitled to my own perspective and that is not likely to change dramatically.

So please enjoy my blog and if you get bored, skip past it and enjoy looking at my pictures and other stuff instead. Stay positive and beautiful always!