What services do I have to offer?

1. I am available as a model for amateur or professional photographers. Please contact me to discuss the theme you have in mind and agree on timing and expectations.

2. If you are a model and would like to collaborate together on something special then I may be interested. Examples of past works with other beautiful people are on display in my gallery.

3. If you would like to do your own high quality themed shoot but do not know where to start, then maybe I could help?  Having done many shoots over the years,  I have a lot of practical experience and the strong project management skills necessary to plan and execute whatever scale of event you would like.

For  those interested in working with me in a professional capacity please  get in touch via the contact form on the home page, or directly at

4. I am available to listen and support genuine people in my community who are in need of help with the lives we lead. I am not a medical professional nor a trained counsellor but have empathy, understanding and knowledge having dealt with many of the issues myself over 25+ years. To love, care and support others is a personal value so if I can help you I will.

What do I not offer?

I do not offer sexual services of any description. Please show me respect and do not make any such requests.